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Personalised & Dedicated.
We are Xplus London

Established since 2013 and growing at a fast pace

Personalised and dedicated approach are the reasons why individuals and companies chose to work with Xplus London.

Progression is key in every aspect and Xplus London is proud of its history and achievements to be where it stands today.


Started as providing Bookkeeping services, Xplus London (Called Xpert Bookkeeping at the time) acquired its first client.

Formed a Limited company, Xplus London continued to grow.

First Office in New Malden, small expansion with great determination.

With no form of Advertising, Word of Mouth became the most powerful tool for Xplus London to acquire more and more clients.

Focus on being geographically close to our clients

New staff and additional services provided.

Firm expanded into a second office space, increase in staff and clientele.

Firm continues to grow, expansion in services and opened on Social Media Platforms.

Tripled in size in 5 years

The Vision. The Growth.

Like most businesses, Xplus London had visioned the growth of the company when it first started. In the space of 5 years it has almost tripled in size consistently every year through organic growth.

We are now focusing on opening offices around South London to cater to growing businesses in and around London. Our staff are highly trained and qualified offering our services and obeying our values.

Our focus is our Values; to provide a personalised and dedicated approach to you, your family and your business. Whatever your financial or business needs, please visit us at our offices to explore how we can help you. Our first meeting is at our cost and without obligation and we are sure your needs will be satisfied.

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