Registered Office

A registered office address is an official communication address that every limited company (and LLP) is legally obligated to establish during the registration process and retain during its life.

The objective of a registered office is to offer Companies House, HMRC, and other government authorities with an official location where statutory letters and legal notifications may be safely delivered. It is also where firms should make their statutory registers available for public examination, unless another place is employed.

A registered office address must be in the same UK country/jurisdiction where the business is registered (England and Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland). It does not, however, have to be in the same nation where the company’s major commercial activities take place.

Only complete, real postal addresses can be utilised as registered offices.

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    Although both residential and non-residential addresses are permitted, most people prefer to use commercial addresses to safeguard their anonymity.

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    Business Address or Registered Office Address?

    Only statutory mail from government entities is sent to the registered office as your company’s official address. A business address, on the other hand, is used to receive mail from clients/customers, suppliers, utility providers, and other third parties.

    Companies that operate in many parts of the UK and/or abroad may have numerous business addresses in order to give a point of contact in each region. This is an efficient method of establishing a local presence in each location.

    There is no legal necessity to have a business address that corresponds to your registered office, but you may use the same location for both purposes as long as it fits the requirements of a registered office.

    Why You Should Use a Registered Office Address Service

    Since a registered office address is a legal requirement under UK Company Law, you cannot start or run a private limited company or limited liability partnership in the UK without having a registered office address. In order to achieve corporate transparency, your registered office address details will be placed on to public records.

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    Make Sure You've Registered Business Address with Companies House!

    Whether it’s multiple business addresses or just a single trading address, you need to ensure that the address that is linked to your business is also registered to companies house. This address must be in the same country the company is registered in, and be a real, physical address.

    The public can view and access the registered office address of a firm since it is listed on the public register. This serves to encourage corporate transparency by making it easier to determine the official location of a company’s base of operations. On the other hand, it does offer an address to which unsolicited marketing materials can be sent, which may be chosen by some individuals. Many businesses choose to use a registered office service for this reason.

    Upon company formation, form IN01 is filled out with the first registered office address. In many instances, the company will continue to use the same location for its registered office during its entire existence. However, at some point in the future, the directors of the business may decide to move the company’s registered office.

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